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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It was like selling ice to Eskimos!

It was a blast from the past and what made it cool was that not only did he call me, but he made an effort to track me down. It was Tim Rush from Prudential California, a past client of mine. But this wasn't just any client - it was one of those clients whose story of product purchase provided the material with which to create a sales legend.

I was selling a computer based recruiting application. It was called the Real Estate Simulator. It was absolutely leading edge technology at the time, and used video and audio to create an assessment simulation whose job it was to generate recruiting leads for real estate brokerages. Tim worked for one of the leading companies in the real estate industry - listed as one of the top 500 real estate companies in the United States. I wanted to secure this company as a long term client particularly because of its prestigious profile within the industry. If I could get this brokerage, then it would surely open many more opportunities.

I was single minded. I called Tim regularly. He had a great voice. I enjoyed chatting with him - it seemed there was an ease in our conversation. We talked about cooking, and kids, and life in general. We talked about recruiting, about his goals and his challenges. We talked about budget - and he said that if the product produced the results it promised to, price was not an issue.

He was a perfect prospect - qualified and everything. All except for one thing - he didn't own a computer and hadn't the faintest idea how to use one. I couldn't show him the product via webinar and I certainly could not expect him to use it! Miraculously, I sold him the product none the less and worked hard at convincing him to get a computer and start practicing sending emails.

Today he called me - after close to two years, just to ask how I was doing. What a treat! Some clients make it all worth while - he certainly made my day, and I was delighted to hear that he uses his computer all the time now!


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