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Monday, February 19, 2007

That Sound

I heard it this weekend.

It was fast and powerful.
It had movement.
It had energy and a stream of electricity running through it.
It had tension, but not a bad tension, the kind of tension you are drawn to and want to know more about.

If I closed my eyes, I could see the nature of its origin…
It was green with wild orange and red undertones and a flush of deep blue.
It was not disheveled or frenzied as it sometimes can be.
It was crisp and clear and easy to picture.
It was strong and I could tell it was going to be huge.

It resonated with determination and drive.
With single minded focus and passion.

It was Peter Tosto of in the process of explaining his creation - the only search engine in the world hooked directly to a news feed leading to a world wide revolution in search engine optimization. It was his description of how anything in the universe can be found on and how his SEO strategy invites real estate agents to list as many homes as they want on his site for only $149/year and drive high search rankings instantly. It was the way he proved his expertise by taking my website and optimizing it with the term ‘real estate sales coaching’ and increasing my rankings to the front page of Yahoo and MSN within just a few days. It was him helping me to understand how the news and the internet work in tandem to drive site popularity. It was his knowledge and skill that completely blew me away. It was his tone and his absolute certainty about where he is going, and how he is getting there.

It was the sound of inspiration; an entrepreneur living his dream and executing his vision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How amazing that something so abstract and undefined can become tangible with a bunch of eloquently placed words.

12:17 PM  

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