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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sam I am

She wafted into my house. Her name was Eptisam but she called herself Sam for short. She wore a floral perfume that filled the air. She was the second tutor assigned to help my kids with their french homework: reading, writing, grammar, and just sitting still in a chair for more than 60 seconds. The first one was a young man. He seemed nice enough but he didn't know how to spell chicken in french - he spelled it 'poulette' instead of 'poulet'. (In hindsight it was an omen) I figured I needed someone a little more qualified. I got Sam instead. She was a grandma. Her voice was loud. Her smile was warm. She knew french grammar and spelling. And she gave my kids treats at the end of the session.

She came over this morning to tutor my kids. One hour with each of them. The appointment was at 10 a.m. but she showed up 20 minutes earlier and gave my son extra time to worked on his grammar. She arrived with a frozen package in her hands. It was Molokchaya - the leaf with which a delicious Egyptian soup is made. Her intention was to make the soup that my mother makes for me each time I travel into Montreal for a visit. She gave instructions to boil a chicken and put aside one cup of rice. After she finished her french lessons with my kids, she stood in my kitchen mixing the broth, adding the Molokchaya, throwing in the garlic, and frying up a special rice to go with the soup. She said that next time she would cook something else.

I was stunned. Where did this angel come from? Is it possible for anyone to be so thoughtful and kind? How did I get so lucky? I hardly knew what to do with myself. And I hardly knew how to express my graditude.

Sam, I am not sure if you read Blogs, but if you do, THANK YOU!


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