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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Coconut

Here I am in Florida, with my kids - vacationing in Hallendale. They have been looking forward to this holiday for weeks, holding close to their hearts memories of vacations gone by. Specifically, the vacation of two years ago where they happened to find a fresh coconut on the beach and figured out a way to bust it open and eat what was inside.

Since then, they have looked for coconuts at every beach we've visited. Short of climbing to the top of a palm tree or buying one at the store and planting it at the beach when they weren't paying attention, we've looked everywhere for coconuts but no coconuts have surfaced.

This year was different. I have been learning about the power of faith and expressing graditude for the things that I want as though they are already in my lfe.

As soon as we hit the beach, my kids said "We want to find a coconut." and so I said, "Alright then, say thank you for the coconut you have found." Of course my kids instantly started a 'Who's on first' type of conversation...

"But Mom, we didn't find a coconut."
"That's okay, say thank you."
"But Mom, what are we saying thank you for? We didn't find a coconut."
"I know, but say thank you anyways."
"That makes no sense, Mom, why would we say thank you for something that we don't have?"
"It might not make sense right now, but say thank you and the coconut will appear."
"You're weird, Mom."

Luckily, at their age, even if I am weird, they still do what I ask (mostly), so in tandem they said, "Thank you for the coconut we have found."

A little later on that day, my son said "Look what I found Mom! A coconut! Give it to my sister and tell her it's from me."

Not only did the concept of faith and gratitude deliver the long awaited coconut, it also instilled a sense of generosity and giving. How cool is that?

If only we had that kind of faith and gratitude with our closest relationships, our careers, our finances, our health and every aspect of our lives - imagine how much more peacefully we would live and imagine how much more fun we would have! It might make no sense - but what have you got to lose? Try it, you might like it, and you might end up with a whole lot of things that you've always wanted!

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the million dollars that just dropped onto my lap...

12:22 PM  

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